Amplifier and multiple speaker connection

Generally, people are looking to add the extra speakers to their pre-existing sound system and this is to increase their sound effects.

But without the help of an amplifier, you can accomplish your task because they are the one that brings power to all your speakers and makes them produce the sound.

But in some cases, when you add extra speakers that will reduce the power in any one of those speakers and it can be corrected when you have enough knowledge about it.

The amplifier will most probably contain two channels that are left channel and right channel, in this case, you can connect two speakers to it.


But in some of those amplifiers, you can wire 3 speakers to a 2 channel amp. This is the reason why it is to be said that grasp knowledge on connecting the speakers to the amplifier and also how much the amplifier can handle to make the task easier one for you.

Before connecting the speakers to the amplifier you have to know the speaker’s power and the amplifier capacity to deliver the power.

People think that if the speaker is rated as 50 watts and by adding another speaker of 50 watts to it, they will give them 100 watts of power.

The assumption is true when you connect 50 watts’ speaker, to another 50 watts’ speaker you can get 100 watts but if the maximum capacity of the amplifier is just 50 watts they cannot deliver beyond it. So the capacity of amplifier matters here not the power of speakers.

You can connect 6 speakers on 4 channel amp in some cases and in that case, the variation in the capacity of the amplifier will be created.


The power rating on the speaker is just to indicate the power of your speaker to drive them safely it doesn’t influence the power of the amplifier.

The output power of the amplifier will be pre-designed, so the maximum output of the amplifier will completely depend on the design and total impedance of the speakers connected to it.

So when you thinking about the matching different speakers you have to know about the result of mixing speakers with different impedance. It is very important if you don’t want to damage your speakers.

Final verdicts

Before connecting the multiple speakers, you have to get to know about the power capacity of your amplifier so that you can bind the task without damaging speakers or amplifiers.

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