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Steps involved in changing the strings of electric guitar

On whole, the strings of the electric guitar have to be changed more frequently on comparing to the normal steel string guitars or any of the classic guitar.

But changing the strings of the guitar is not that toughest task to accomplish you can do it by yourself with the minimum knowledge on guitar parts and their functions.

If you are a guitarist you should have to know how to change electric guitar strings and in that case, if you have any confusion on restringing it you can make use of this content to get knowledge on it.

old strings

Steps to change the strings of guitar;

To start stringing a start you have to remove the pre-stringed strings of the electric guitar. If you are looking to use the same gauge remove the strings slowly to avoid the gauge damage and to remove it, you have to loosen the machine head at first and remove the tuning pegs from it.

After removing the old strings from your guitar completely clean the guitar because it is the time you can easily clean your guitar without strings disturbance.

clean the guitarWhile removing you can also use the household things like the naphtha or lemon oil to remove every dirt on guitar.

Now work on to change strings on Stratocaster, prepare the new set of strings and some of those sets in the market have the coloured ends, so prefer it based on your taste. Remember you have to string in the way thickest to thinnest.

At once you have placed all the strings turn the turning knob to tight them, keep in mind turn them in the anti-clockwise direction. You can use a cordless ratchet for automotive to do this process faster, but be careful it can cause the strings to break.

Final words

You have to remember that the guitar strings are a very sensitive thing so handle them with care. To give perfect restringing to your electric guitar you have to get the knowledge on it priory.

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